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The new Leitner Berman is a partnership forged from complementary backgrounds and perfectly suited to tackle the post-Covid real estate market. Joel Leitner’s extensive appraisal career as an expert witness, arbitrator, and workout support specialist provides Leitner Berman with a seasoned backbone and steady hand. Josh Berman’s experience in multiple real estate industry areas allows him to approach valuation with a unique, finance-centric worldview. Leitner Berman aims to offer not just a higher level of appraisal reporting, but a bespoke valuation and consulting experience addressing the unique needs of each individual client.



The appraisal is an essential part of the lifecycle of any real estate transaction. Leitner Berman provides an independent assessment on property value and helps establish a baseline for acquisition and refinancing options. Leitner Berman can provide ongoing valuations to assist in ongoing financial reporting. In times of distress, Leitner Berman’s capabilities are essential in understanding the financial viability of real estate mortgages and the entities that hold them.


Leitner Berman is a valuable tool as an expert in real estate-based legal challenges, including litigation, arbitration, condemnation, and expert witness testimony. Joel Leitner has been an expert witness and arbitrator, offering a seasoned approach to testimony and providing unbiased, insightful market perspectives. Leitner Berman also assists in estate planning, offering retrospective values, determining minority interest/marketability discounting, and evaluating an estate’s potential tax burden.


A property’s assessed value is not necessarily equal to its current market value. Leitner Berman helps guide clients the real estate tax certiorari process, providing them support to challenge the real estate tax assessment on a given property. Leitner Berman also advises clients on the impact of various tax incentive programs, including the Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program (ICAP), 421a benefit, 420a benefit, and Affordable New York Housing Program.

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