Leitner Berman is a valuable tool as an expert in real estate-based legal challenges, including litigation, arbitration, condemnation, and expert witness testimony.  In addition to producing a complex and comprehensive appraisal, Leitner Berman helps clients understand different valuation methodologies and theories while assisting in case preparation and strategy. 

Joel Leitner has been an expert witness in both local and federal court, as well as serving on the panel of neutral arbitrators by the American Arbitration Association.  He offers a seasoned approach to testimony, providing, insightful market perspectives.

Additionally, Leitner Berman assists in estate planning.  Leitner Berman will determine value as of a certain date, looking closely at historical market conditions and other contributing factors.  Leitner Berman also has the capabilities to determine minority interest/marketability discounting.  Ultimately, Leitner Berman works along estate planning attorneys to help evaluate an estate’s potential tax burden and assisting in the probate process for any future property sales or transfers.

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